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How I Got Into the Business of Executive Health Coaching

Thank you for your interest in learning more about me, my credentials and why I do what I do. I am excited to share my personal story with you:


My name is Ingrid Heyerdahl, 43, and proud to be of mixed Norwegian and Macanese heritage. Currently, I live in Norway which is also where I spent most of my upbringing. However, I was born in Brazil, have lived in 7 countries, and have a strong connection to Southeast Asia due to my mother's roots and my father's extensive business relations in the region.

My educational background is in Business Management and Communications, and since my university days, I've pursued careers in these fields, both as an entrepreneur and within multinational corporations.

The decision to pursue a career in Health Coaching is deeply rooted in a personal experience that has shaped my aspirations. In 2006, I tragically lost my father, a dedicated high-level executive, to colon cancer. His battle, like that of many others facing lifestyle-related illnesses, underscored for me the critical importance of proactive health management and preventative measures, especially in the corporate world, where stress-related health issues have reached epidemic proportions, and is in dire need of a holistic approach to well-being.


After witnessing how my father sacrificed his health for his career, which ultimately led to his passing, I intrinsicly made the decision to work in health. But back then I didn't have the depth or readiness to embark on this new path, so I remained in the corporate world while educating myself in Health Coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, and I also obtained certifications in Personal Training, Yoga, Executive and Wellness Coaching from various institutions.


During my corporate career, I worked closely with CEOs and Executives, gaining insights into their challenges, goals, and daily demands, which further deepened my understanding of the corporate environment, until I was fully prepared to take the leap.


In 2023, while serving as Head of the Marketing & Communications department in a major corporation, I was done with back-to-back meetings and a demanding schedule, and decided to bid farewell to the corporate world to pursue an independent and full-time career as an Executive Health Coach.


My mission is to assist executives who travel extensively in recognizing that there are small changes they can make to maintain their health and return home energized for their families, rather than sacrificing their life for work.

I firmly hold the view that you can be healthy and successful at the same time - you don't have to make a tradeoff. There are plenty of tools, techniques and support available, and hotels and airlines worldwide are increasingly acknowledging the problem and contributing to improve their services.


Understanding that busy executives often lack the time to explore these options and plan their lifestyles and travels carefully, my job is to support them and this gives my life profound meaning.

To your health and success,

Ingrid Heyerdahl

In Loving Memory of My Father

Audun Sørbotten

1944 - 2006

His legacy of resilience and compassion guides my commitment to helping others achieve their best selves.

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