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Get Started

To kickstart your journey towards transformation, an initial consultation is required, during which you will fill me in on your current health and lifestyle situation, background, struggles and needs. We will discuss how we can work together to support you, and I will then produce a tentative program outline tailored specifically for you, mapping out the next six months of your transformative journey.


Book Initial Consultation

$300 USD

Schedule a one-hour video or voice consultation with me. This consultation is non-binding.


Personal Program Outline

After the consultation, you'll receive a detailed program outline, showcasing what to expect from the 6-month program. This can be modified as we progress throughout the program.


Agreement and Scheduling

If you decide to commit to the 6-month program, your next step is signing the contract and making the required payment. Once these are done, we'll decide on a starting date and schedule all 12 sessions in advance (these can of course be rescheduled if and when neeed).

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