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Executive Health Mastery

Duration: 6 months  |  Price: $10,000

The Executive Health Mastery program is a transformative, personal and unique experience that sets you on a path to a brighter tomorrow, one where you get to be healthy and successful at the same time, not only benefitting you personally, but those around you as well.

It's time to redefine success! 


What's Included

6-Month Duration

This program is designed as a holistic, six-month journey towards better health and productivity. Over the span of these six months, we will convene for 12 x 60-minute online sessions, scheduled every two weeks. These sessions serve as an open platform to review your progress, address challenges, and strategize the next steps. We will focus on instilling new, healthful habits, reevaluating existing routines, and setting actionable, attainable goals for you to work towards in the interim.

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Close Guidance and Follow-Up

As your personal health coach, think of me as your coach in your pocket, constantly by your side throughout this journey, extending my support via email and text beyond our scheduled sessions.


We will work around your busy schedule and monitor your progress closely, keeping you motivated, clarifying doubts and questions promptly, lifting you up and celebrating your victories.

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Customized Wellness Plans

Aligned with your lifestyle, preferences, and unique requirements, I create personalized wellness solutions that cover varied areas—from travel wellness to fitness, nutrition, stress management, and productivity- to help you meet your wellness objectives.


My strategies cover everything from managing jet lag and maintaining fitness routines on the go, to optimizing your diet and coping with stress for peak productivity. 

For a detailed understanding of each plan,  scroll down to read more.

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What We'll Work On

Life Balance Plan

We will address the critical aspect of not just managing but thriving in both your professional and personal life, particularly emphasizing the importance of family and personal relationships, but also you friends and hobbies.

Fitness Plan

Ensuring exercise becomes a natural and enjoyable part of your daily routine, will enhance your professional performance and contributing significantly to your leadership capabilities and overall quality of life.

Travel Wellness Plan

Let's transform your travel experiences from a health challenge into an opportunity for maintaining and enhancing your well-being, ensuring that you can continue to meet your health goals, no matter where your work takes you.

Sleep Plan

Quality sleep is non-negotiable, and you also need your 7-9 hours of shuteye. My aim is to ensure that you achieve restful, rejuvenating sleep regularly, which is a cornerstone of your cognitive function and overall health.

Nutrition Plan

Through this comprehensive Nutrition Plan, my aim is to ensure that your diet supports your demanding role as an executive, keeping you energized, focused, and in optimal health, no matter the challenges of your daily schedule.

Stress Mastery Plan

The aim is to equip you with the skills and knowledge to manage stress efficiently, turning a potential hindrance into a catalyst for enhanced performance and well-being, through mindfulness and time management techniques.

We're a Match Made in Heaven if...

You're OK with being up-close and highly personal

Everyone's needs are different, and as such, my coaching is anything but generic. Every aspect of my coaching is tailored to YOU, encompassing both your personal and professional life. I'll need to delve deeply into your life, necessitating an open and direct communication. This is the only way for my program to work and for you to get results. 

You travel extensively due to work commitments 

This is by no means a prerequisite to work with me, but it's where my expertise truly shines. I understand the unique challenges faced by frequent travelers, and offer bespoke strategies and insights designed to support your travel wellness, from managing jet lag and finding healthy food options on the go to ensuring you stay active and mentally sharp across time zones. 

You understand that health is holistic

Your physical health, mental and emotional well-being, and professional performance are interconnected and form part of your overall health. You can't improve your health by focusing on just one facet of your life; it requires a harmonious balance across all facets, including fitness, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, family, hobbies, travel and work.

You lead a dynamic life, and need full flexibility

The world is your playground, and you want flexible and accessible coaching that aligns with your busy schedule, wherever you are in the world. While I am focused on honoring appointments and believe that both or time is equally valuable, I take pride in making it effortless for us both to conduct our sessions from our phones and from any location, be it on or off camera.

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